KNIME 4.1.1 MetaNode Migration Issue

The migration tool is a neat idea! But it is a little too intelligent for me…

I set up three database connectors:

  1. Read
  2. Admin
  3. Write

The idea being that I can Read from one source, Write to another, and go to the Admin database for common stuff. I wrap the three database connectors in a simple MetaNode and chain it around my workflow using an even more simple “pass-through” MetaNodes so each workflow branch has easy access to whatever database it needs.

But the migration tool wants to cleverly remove any connector that doesn’t have an obvious purpose, and unfortunately that means trimming all of my pass-through MetaNodes (I created about 100 of them). It may also be trying to conflate all three database connections into a single one, but I haven’t fully investigated this yet.

It’s a minor issue, but why even add this intelligence to the migration tool? A simple one-for-one replacement would be perfect for me!

Hello Edlueze,
thanks for reporting this issue. I have created a ticket for it.


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