KNIME 4.1.1 Streaming Confusion

As I used to in 3.7.2 for number of Database readers I used one connector. Migrating to new DB nodes I did initially same thing to make sure it works as before. In specific, I used one SQL Server Connector connected to one table selector and connect it to two Parameterized DB Query Readers with following logic and join of two lines. To speed up a process, I put it in component and streamed. As a result it never finished. To make it work I added separate SQL Server Connector and DB Query Reader connected to their own Parameterized DB Query. New Construction demonstrate perfect and fast work.
My concern here, is that streaming processor needs to check if the streaming process will go to “infinite loop” situation and warns about potential problem.

A connector can only have 1 active downstream node. So if you want things to work in parallel you need one connector per reader.

What I have experienced with Oracle Connector that if you “play around” a bit with an active connection and even cancel a Read, sometimes while the node is still green and the Reader seemingly starts reading, nothing actually happens and I have to reset the oracle connector until it works again. This happens even without streaming. I’m mentioning it because it sounds exactly like your infinite loop scenario.

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