KNIME 4.1.2 - JS views not working


I am currently using KNIME 4.1.2 (on win10) and non of the JS views are able to execute/work.
Whenever JS node starts, it stops on 40% progress.

Error message from console:
ERROR Scatter Plot 0:6 Initializing view failed: null
ERROR Scatter Plot 0:6 Retrieving image from view failed: Error retrieving image: Chrome driver was not initialized. Could not retrieve image.
WARN Scatter Plot 0:6 Execution canceled

JS settings in the screenshot:

If i want to point to my chrome installation, it doesn’t work since current Chrome version is 80 and most recent KNIME version is no supporting only Chrome v78


most likely this is an issue with the security settings/policies on your system. You should add chromedriver and the Chromium we ship as an exception to your antivirus program you use to make it work.

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