Knime 4.1.3 crashing during execution


I have a workflow that just recently started crashing - it has been running each day for weeks and started crashing this morning. Attached is the error message in the GUI, the error log, and my knime.ini setup. Any help would be appreciated. I’m working on a 8GB RAM machine, btw. Nothing else is running on the machine during the execution of the workflow.

crash error.docx (25.8 KB)
hs_err_pid3388.log (256.5 KB)
knime_ini.txt (651 Bytes)

Well the hs_err_pid is pretty clear about the error. Not enough memory. You could try to set -Xmx6G if you have everything else closed including browser or any background stuff. But the simplest solution: get more RAM. 8 is simply very low end and getting another 8Gb is fairly cheap.


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