KNIME 4.3 "currentIteration" flow variable no longer an integer?

Hello KNIME Community,

I just recently upgraded to KNIME 4.3 and am enjoying many of the enhancements. One thing that is really frustrating however is it seems that when executing loops now the flow variable “currentIteration” is no longer an integer?

It can’t be accessed or manipulated by using the Math Formula node or even the Math Formula (Variable) node. You also can’t manipulate it with either of the Java Edit Variable nodes. I really hope I’m wrong and this is just my own user error because what’s the point of having the currentIteration flow variable if you can’t do anything with it! All I want to do is multiply the current iteration by 60.

I included a screenshot which shows that the flow variable has a different data type than the other integers (assuming it means long) but this still doesn’t make sense why I wouldn’t be able to perform math on it.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance!


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you are absolutely right. We changed that to long and missed that a couple of nodes cannot deal with long flow variables. We’re currently working on solving this problem.

Please excuse the inconveniences and it will be fixed with 4.3.1



Thanks for a quick response on this! Do you happen to know roughly when 4.3.1 might be released? A workaround I found that is definitely not ideal is using the Variable to Table Row node and once the currentIteration variable is a row you can perform math on it.

Is there any place where we can see a list of the current issues or bugs being reported for KNIME 4.3? My company trains business users on KNIME through an internal certification program and we were planning on having everyone upgrade to 4.3 for this next tier of training so it would be great to know of any other current issues the participants might run into if using 4.3. I don’t see this as a big enough problem to not have them upgrade, but it would be amazing to know if there is anything else we need to keep in mind.

Thanks again for the quick and informative response!

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Hi @Kaegan,
Thanks for your idea to workaround this :disappointed: issue. I used the following nodes to convert my flow variables (I’m updating a workflow to take advantage of the improvements of Knime 4.3.):
@Mark_Ortmann I’m also interested to know roughly when 4.3.1 might be released.

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4.3.1 is planned for end of Janurary.

An alternative solution might be to copy paste the deprecated variable loop start from an old workflow, though you’ll lose the path flow variable, but you can create it using String to Path (Variable) and vice versa.


Hey all,

4.3.1 is out and the issue should be fixed. Thanks for reporting it, @Kaegan and @k_n_i_m_e_r .



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