Knime 4.4.1 crashes silently during start-up after installing extensions

I downloaded KNIME Analytics Platform v4.4.1, everything went fine and was working. Then I installed lots of extensions in one go. I had to use the offline procedure because of blocked internet sites in our network. So I downloaded the extension ZIP files and installed the extensions from there (which worked). KNIME then made me restart it and from then on it would no longer start. The splash screen shows (with all or most extension icons showing) and shortly after that the KNIME process disappears. The .log file in my workspace does not contain anything useful, just some mentions of short key binding confllicts. So I could only reinstall KNIME and refrain from using the extensions for now. How can I detect which extension(s) are causing the problems? Are there any other log files? I would rather not install the extensions one by one, this would be sillily time-consuming. And after I find the offending extension I nevertheless would need to reinstall everything; or is there a way to uninstall an extension from outside a running KNIME?

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There are two log files. One in ...\knime-workspace\.metadata which seems to me you are referring to and one in ...\knime-workspace\.metadata\knime which you can additionally check. Regarding installing extensions. I remember similar thing once happen to me and think seeing similar topics from time to time when installing a lot extensions at once. Seems something might go wrong when doing so and actually there is no specific, offending extension. My way of working now (not just because of above mentioned) is to install extension only when needed. This way you can also catch (if such exists) offending extension. In that case don’t think there’s a way to uninstall it from “outside a running KNIME”. However you can try with -clean parameter.

Do you really need that many additional extension for your work?



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