Knime 4.4 Excel Reader Flow Variables

Good Morning,
We recently updated our Knime to 4.4 and are having issues with all the excel reader nodes.
On 4.3, we would take a string with the file location, convert it to a flow variable and connect it to the Excel Reader node and use that variable as the file location.
On the 4.4 node, however, when I click on the Flow Variable icon it says “no matching vars” to use the variable.
Please can you assist with this.
Thanks so much,

I found a workaround by using to String to Path node. Is this the best way to do this.
However, using this method i get an error on the server saying “Execution Failed: Direct access to local files is not allowed on Knime Server”.
The path that i am using is (LOCAL, /tmp/knime_BNP Paribas New67959/203-40-Extract_Payments_2020%20(1)6606842186178022776.xlsx)
Thanks again

Welcome to the forum, @joshuash.

Have you read through the File Handling Guide? The Excel Reader node requires a Path flow variable for specifying the filepath. The String to Path node is one way to do this.

When executing workflows on the server, local file system access is disallowed by default. If you want to enable it, you can follow the instructions here.


Hi @elsamuel, is there a work around for this, instead of changing the server configuration? I am having the same problem. We use an upload widget where the user has to upload the file they want to analyze then KNIME has to read the excel file.

When trying to read this uploaded file we get the error saying the server does not have access to the local file system.

Thanks in advance

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