KNIME 4.4 on High Definition Monitor Bug

Hi all,

First of all, thanks for the latest update! :slight_smile:

KNIME 4.4 on Windows 10 seems to be struggling with scaling up on high definition monitors (my resolution is 3840 x 2160).

For previous KNIME versions I identified a workaround by modifying the DPI settings in the KNIME application properties. However, this no longer seems to work and the KNIME interface behaves strangely, with either truncated interface panels / the interface not reacting in line with the mouse cursor placement.

My current only options are using 100% resolution in Windows and everything being extremely small or scaling everything up and KNIME becoming blurry. Both options ruin the user experience. :pensive:

Has anyone else experienced this and identified a workaround?



Hi @sjmartin,

Same for me on Windows 10… Very low resolution, node settings windows won’t scale properly, blurry interfaces, also strange lines when I open output data… I also used to change DPI settings but it’s not working now.
I hope Knime team can fix it soon…



I just tested 4.4.0 KNIME AP on windows 10, resolution as 3840x2160 and Scaling at 200% and KNIME AP looks fine. I am on Win10 Build 10240. By “fine” I mean there is not distortion or odd lines, the UI looks like I would expect.

Can either of you provide more info on windows versions, build, and hardware?


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I’m suffering from the same problem on Windows 10, but the truncated interface panels are the most annoying! See the attachments below. In addition, as I extend my laptop onto a second monitor, I also suffer from the output tables being weirdly rescaled as I drag the table from one monitor to the other. I wouldn’t describe my monitor as being “High Definition” as it is only 1920 x 1080, with the text and apps scaled to the “recommended” 125%. Suggestions appreciated!

Hello @Ema and @sjmartin,

are you also using multiple monitors?


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Hello @ipazin ,
I don’t use second monitor, but I have same problem of “truncated” and blurry windows…
Thank you for any suggestion

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I have a maybe related problem, but using Linux (XFCE).
First I had the problem when using the XFCE scaling, all dialogs were tiny in my KNIME environment. So, when using the display scaling with factor 0.5 for my laptop and nothing for my 2nd display (no 4k display, but usually I only work on this one), everything was fine up to KNIME 4.3.

Now, with KNIME 4.4, when using either the display-scaling of 0.5 or no changed scaling at all (at the 2nd display), the dialogs are scaled up by 2x2. This happens even if the laptop screen is not used at all.



I was hoping, that this would be fixed in 4.4.1, but unfortunately it is not. I still have over-scaled dialogs and views, while the rest of KNIME looks normal by now. This happens on my HiDPI laptop screen (3840x2400) as well as on the attached monitor (1920x1080), even if the laptop screen is not turned on at all.
Unfortunately, this still lets me use KNIME 4.3 for know, where everything looks fine.

To make this post more complete: in 4.3 I had problems when using the HiDPI screen and “Window scaling” in XFCE, as here the dialogs were too small. But with the “scaling” in display setting, everything works nicely on 4.3

Just wanted to let you know: I found a way to make everything appearing normal on my screens by adding the following line to the knime.ini:


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