Knime 4.5 python scripts (Labs) error


I try to use new python scripts (Labs) on Knime Analytics 4.5.0 and found an error as below.
Do you have any ideas what I did wrong?

"Execute failed: no jnilz4 in java.library.path: …

I have install python env as below

@kengdeb it is difficult to judge from the screenshot. You might want to try a conda environment propagation with a fresh Miniconda installation and a test workflow like:

Then you could try and do a restart with a clean option und the knime.ini once. Also a fresh installation of knime might help.

Then you might want to provide us with a log file on debug level and information about the system.


Hi @kengdeb , does this happen only with the Labs version, or also with the Python Script node? I don’t have any problem with my Python Script node on Knime 4.5. I don’t have the Labs version.

I have no issues with the old python node. It happen only to the Labs version.

Thks for your suggestion. I’ll try.

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