Knime 4.7.0 app on M1 macbook reported as type "iOS", not "Apple Silicon"

Hi, Just installed Knime 4.7.0 on my M1 macbook pro and noticed something odd, the System Report shows the application as type “iOS”, not the expected “Apple Silicon”. My workflows seem to work fine, but was wondering if this type discrepancy means that some M1 optimizations are not taking effect.

Do you find version 4.7 faster ? If yes, can you estimate the percentage speed increase ?

Good question! so I ran a sample Knime workspace with an ensemble of 3 random forest predictors that uses Titanic data (~1300 rows, 14 cols) on my 2021 M1 14" macbook. These were my not very rigorous results:

v4.5.2: ~ 3 minutes 10 secs
V4.7.0 (optimized): ~ 2minutes 30 secs

about 20% faster.

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Thank you - I will upgrade for that speed increase.

I upgraded and got a 50% speed increase ! My nodes are all simple ones.


Do you upgrade or fresh reinstall for v4.7?

It was a fresh reinstall.

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