KNIME 4.7.2 Error in console after installation of Python extensions

We have KNIMIE AP 4.7.2. Installed all of the Python extensions:

After the restart this error appears in the console log and comes back on every KNIME restart:

I took a guess that it might be associated with the KNIME Node Development Tools → KNIME Python Extension Development – Testing Nodes.

I uninstalled that extension and the errors go away.
I cannot tell if this is stopping Python from working or only impacts new extension development testing.


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Hi @StevenLauretti,

did you click on the extension? The details provide some sort of an answer - see screenshot. It impacts nothing - it only provides some additional nodes which can be used for testing.

However the error is a good catch! Although this is not blocking you from working (I hope), it is annoying and confusing and should not happen. I created a ticket (AP-20889).

Best regards

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Thank you for opening that ticket. As a support person I always try to bring any errors i find straight to the vendor.
Have a great day!

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