Knime 4.7 - Apple Silicon - M1

The new release notes mention that Knime is faster on apple silicon in version 4.7. Does anybody know how much faster as a percentage ? Trying to decide if it worth doing a fresh install…

## Native KNIME Builds for Apple Silicon Processors

KNIME Analytics Platform 4.7 is now also available with native product builds for Apple Silicon processors M1 and M2. In comparison to the Intel-only model, either on Intel chips or emulated on the new processor generation, these deliver superior performance, providing a more responsive user interface and far better execution performance. Users of Apple Silicon model should consider a fresh new install on this architecture.

@neiloxford I installed it on a M1 after first upgrading my ‚intel‘ KNIME version running thru Rosetta. The initial experience was that it is faster though I have not done that much since I experienced a problem with the Parquet file format (AP-19894).

You could try to do a parallel installation and see for yourself.

I upgraded and got a 50% speed increase ! My nodes are all simple ones such as filters, read and write files, etc


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