KNIME 4.7 hangs with running in Centos 7

Dear KNIME Forum,
Help here is appreciated:
After failing to start KNIME because of a known GTK bug, I was able to start KNIME with the command “export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/anaconda3/lib” adds it to the library path when you execute knime.

However, KNIME hangs when you try and open any NODE for config.
Maybe related, in the log I see Permission Denied for the /tmp/ folder, which is weird: Cannot run program “Rscript” (in directory “/home/spal/KNIME/tmp”): error=13, Permission denied

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated !

Hi @mazzo -

Sorry for the delayed response. Are you still running into this bug?

Most of the trouble I’ve heard of lately with running KNIME in CentOS 7 has to do with a missing library, described in thread below. But it sounds like maybe you’ve tried that already?

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