KNIME Analytics platform crash

Hello all,

since two weeks maybe a few days more I encounter a new problem with my local knime installation (3.7). whenever I start a bit more complex operation (table index + query; load a larger input file; run a larger GET request …) with knime the whole program freezes and can only be close using the task manager.

I already reduced the RAM in the KNIME ini but the problem is still occuring.

I’m using a i5 6300 2.4 GHz

with 8 GB RAM and attributed 3 GB to KNIME.

before the crash the PC gets quite noisy…

Are more people facing this issue and maybe have an idea what might be the problem?



Hi there!

Reduced RAM? I would increase it…
Also check this replay:



If you’re on Windows, perhaps see this thread and associated threads: KNIME 3.7 Hangs in Windows 10

If you’re not on Windows, could you give a bit more details as to what your workflow is doing?


To me, noisy means that the system is working with hard disk drive, so:

1- You may find it helpful to increase the amount of ram that KNIME can use:
-Xmx6144m (=6 GB, considering your system resources. At least the half of your system RAM is recommended but I think you can increase it if you are not running any other application simultaneously)

2- You can increase the small table size (number of cells retained in memory):

You can read more here and here.