KNIME Analytics Platform IDE crashes on MacOS

During the last month I’ve worked with KNIME Analytics Platform intensively, I experienced a certain number of IDE crashes on my Mac Book. I collected crash debug info, I’m attaching it to this post and I’d like to encourage KNIME developers to investigate it and try to find what goes wrong.
KNIME IDE Crash Debug (182.2 KB)
Please let me know if you need any additional info.

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Hi Jan,

Thank you for all of this work on collecting the logs.
Could you give a bit more information please on what were you doing, which workflows/nodes were you executing before the application crashed? Also did you have KNIME running for a while (hours/days) with a few sleep/wake cycles in between?

This would help us to make a proper bug report.


Hi Daria,

Thank you for answering my post.

Well, it differed. I can’t say there was a typical particular event the IDE crashed. As far as I remember it were twice or three times when the application crashed while it was saving workflow but there weren’t any typical conditions in other cases. I tend to say it was mostly shortly after my Mac awakened from hibernation.

Regarding to your question about how long have been KNIME running, isn’t that kind of information part of crash debug info files I uploaded?

OK, next time when the IDE crashes I will upload KNIME log too and short description of what was happening around the crash. Since an average gap between two crashes is 6 days I assume it’l occur in couple of days.


Well, my KNIME Analytic Platform hasn’t crashed since my last post. It might have recognized our eyes were on it. More seriously, I’ve upgraded to Mojave meanwhile.
I’ll let you know if it crashes again.

No crash so far. I seems It was a High Sierra related problem. I’m going to mark the problem solved.

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