Knime Analytics Platform on Azure

Hi everybody,
I am currently trying to evaluate good options to run KNIME on Microsoft Azure. There are obviously two main paths which would be KNIME Analytics Platform on Azure and KNIME Server. Since I currently don’t really need the additional functionality of KNIME Server I prefer the Analytics Platform on Azure. Both can be purchased directly on Azure in different release versions. I think all of them are available as images for the virtual machines there.

What is actually the main benefit of ordering the KNIME Analytics platform service on Azure compared to ordering a Virtual Machine and then installing it manually?

How would any updates/installations of extensions work in this case? Would i need to do it manually or would updates/extensions be available through the Azure portal even though the VM itself would not have direct internet access? Due to company guidelines the VM cannot have internet access.

Would highly appreciate your help on this :slight_smile: Thanks!


Hi @shdo,

The only difference is that you wouldn’t have to do a first-time setup. The updates would still be the same as you do today locally in either case.

If your VM doesn’t have access to the internet you would have to update by importing the zipped update sites into your VM so that the AP can access it, or by importing the AP installer/zip.

Hope that helps!

Wali Khan


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