KNIME Analytics Platform with PowerBI


I have an issue, if it isn’t the right place to report can you indicate where I can report?

We have a user who needs integrate KNIME Analytics Platform with PowerBI.
Inside KNIME software when user click “Send to PowerBI” asks for authentication and is forwared to the Microsoft authentication page and gives an error.

“KNIME Analytics Platform needs permission to access your organization’s resources, which can only be authorized by an administrator. Ask an administrator for permission to access this application before using it.”

User have PowerBI Free access and we try one user with PowerBI PRO license and gives the same error.

Thank you in advance.
João Monteiro

Hi @joaopmonteiro -

Welcome to the forum! Let me check on this on internally and get back to you.

Hi @joaopmonteiro,

The “Send to Power BI” KNIME node connects to your Microsoft Account via OAuth2 and requests a set of permissions to be able to write data sources to your Power BI workspace. In some organizational settings the users are not allowed to accept these permissions on their own but the Azure administrator of your organization has to look over the requested permissions and accept them. Please ask your administrator to do this for you.


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