KNIME Analytics Platfrom 4.3.2 shuts down unexpectedly

Dear All, hi.

I have a knime workflow that run for approximately 8 hours per day. Sometimes it works fine but sometimes it shuts down unexpectedly and its big problem for me because the data needs to be ready before the morning. To be honest i don’t know what is the place where it shuts down and what causes it and how to trouble shout. I will try to observe and find a point where it shuts down.

Hi @DeMytrych,

I think it would help if you could check in the knime log if there are any errors listed after a crash.
(or if you could provide the log entries around the time the problem occurred…make sure to remove any critical data in the log before you share it :slight_smile: )

-Do you have any special extensions installed or do you have this problem with the default KNIME 4.3.2?
-Could you provide an overview of your workflow? (or even an example workflow)
-What kind of data does the workflow process / Could there be a memory issue due to large files or memory intensive nodes?
-How much memory is assigned to your knime?
-Is this a workflow you run manually or through batch execution?

Any additional information about the problem or your process would help…with the information you provided currently there is limited help the community could offer :wink:
E.g. what step of the process is the most time consuming - Where do the 8h come from in your process…is it a small part of the process or are you processing a large amount of files?


@AnotherFraudUser thank you for the reply. I will try to allocate more memory as per your advise and will let you know if it works or not.
Thank a lot for your great reply and time you spent for it.

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