KNIME and Hadoop

Dear all,

I’d like to ask some questions regarding KNIME integration in Hadoop, while working with Big Data.
Is it possible to use Knime to submit a data base operation (like filtering, sorting, Join etc.) to Hadoop cluster (using the calculation engine of the cluster) and visualizing the result in Knime? 
If so, is Knime able to submit a folowing data base operations to Hadoop cluster (taking advantage of the calculation engine of the cluster) using as input the result of the previous data base operation(as we do when we use Knime nodes in local mode)?
Basically, KNIME is able to recognize, manage, command and take advantage of Hadoop clusters?

Thanks in advance!

I'm also interested in hearing more about this in relation to Hadoop and also Cassandra and Mongodb. 



You may use the JDBC driver from Hive. Apart from this KNIME doesn't offer any Hadoop functionality yet.

The KNIME Analytics Platform is an open source big data analytics, reporting and integration platform developed and supported by KNIME. Through the use of a graphical interface, KNIME enables users to create data flows, execute selected analysis steps and review the results, models and interactive views.

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