Knime and .net

Dear all,


I’d like to “combine” a C#/.net program with KNIME. Is it possible to somehow “trigger” events in Knime without having to use the GUI? E. g. Start a loaded program, reset a loaded program or even exchange values etc…

In theory I could use batch mode but that starts the program every time and I’d like to avoid that. Knime should run in the background and triggered by a C# program. Exchanging values would be a bonus :-)

Any idea where to start?


Thanks a lot,


Hi Flo,

you could use the KNIME Server and the REST API.

If you wish to stay Open Source and not use the batch mode that pretty much leaves you with workarounds. ;-) You could use the "Wait..." node (Node Repository -> Workflow Control -> Automation -> Wait...) and a trigger file written from you C# program to avoid having to start up KNIME before running a workflow. Exchanging values would then also work via file transfer (or DB access or ...) I suppose.

Good luck,


Thank you a lot for answering.

The solution with the wait node sounds great but I couldn’t manage to combine it with the loop nodes …


What I am trying to achieve is: Every time a text file in a folder is changed I’d like to load images from an folder, do some analysis on them and save a result in another txt file. Basically infinitely/many many times …

So what I tried is an Interval Loop start  node which gets a table from list files (from the image folder), than an image reader (table )with analysis nodes and at the end a csv writer node. Finally Loop End. But where do I insert the wait node ?


OK nerver mind I needed a second loop for the wait node :-)

Working great now thanks a lot.