KNIME AP to trust local SSL Certificate Store-Mac OS

Hi Team,

Can you let me know the line entry to append to use the local certificate store for trusted ssl verification in Mac OS, as like windows in KNIME Analytics Platform (knime.ini)
For window we add below line in knime.ini file

For Mac OS

Hi Narayanan,
I found this answer on Stackoverflow. It sounds plausible. Maybe it is also worth trying out the other suggestions there if this does not work. It seems to be a bit more complicated than on Windows.
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Hi Alex

Thanks. Tried adding the line to knime.ini (single & both the entries) in MAC OS but not working. Hope we need to update cacerts file by adding the certificates via keytool.

Hi Alex

The issue is resolved now after integrating the KNIME server/Root CA certificates to the cacerts file under KNIME plugin JRE folder.


Hi Narayanan,
Thanks for updating with the solution! Have a great day.

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