Knime automation

Hello all, I am unfamiliar with knime ecosystem, and before diving into howto’s of it, wanted to ask if such a workflow roughly described below is possible in knime.
I am looking for automation of a process that involves some image processing steps. I tried to summarize it here, thank you for all the comments.

  1. Read a folder and check for existence of any image files.
  2. Load an image and create multiple and overlapping crops from image for a predefined/hardcoded dimension.
  3. Save each crop to a folder as .PNG
  4. After saving all crops, execute a bash script in that folder.
  5. Upon execution completion, read a text file in the folder created by bash script for a numeric value.
  6. Write this value into a row containing the filename in step 2, in a Google sheets table.
  7. Move processed image file to some other folder.
  8. Repeat until all files in the folder at step1 processed.
  9. Schedule whole process to run once, every hour.

Hi @rogerwilco,
you can easily do steps 1. to 8. with a KNIME workflow. Step 9. you can do with the Batch mode and any external scheduling tool, or the KNIME Server which allows for easy scheduling of workflows.


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Hi @gab1one,
Thank you the good news, this means the forum will see more messages from me :slight_smile:
In fact, I was planning to use scheduling from Linux. The server seems overkill for the purpose from the price point, but scheduling will do the job. Planning to run above workflow dockerized under Linux.
Thanks for the encouragement!