Knime batch mode - issue after upgrated KNIME

Hi everyone,

I am tring to launch a knime batch job.
Here is the line code I input :

C:\Users\nom.p\KNIME_DEPLOYMENT\knime_bin\knime.exe -consoleLog -noexit -nosplash -reset -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION -workflowDir=“C:\Users\nom.p\KNIME_DEPLOYMENT\workspace\KNIME_traitement_ExcelTBD”

Both with and without “C:\Users\nom.p\KNIME_DEPLOYMENT\knime_bin\knime.exe” (I have knime in my PATH environment variable), it doesn’t work.

This batch used to work properly until I upgrated knime to the latest version (3.6.0).
What is astonishing is that the workflow properly works when launching manually.
Another astonishing thing is that I also have other batch, that didn’t crash the same…

CompilerOracle: exclude javax/swing/text/GlyphView.getBreakSpot
INFO main BatchExecutor ===== Executing workflow C:\Users\riou.h\KNIME_DEPLOYMENT\workspace\KNIME_traitement_ExcelTBD =====
ERROR main BatchExecutor Unsupported workflow version: Unable to load workflow, version string “3.6.0Pre (created by KNIME 3.6.0.v201807100937)” is unknown
INFO main BatchExecutor ========= Workflow did not execute sucessfully ============

I would be delighted of any input/piece of help on this issue :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone !



Version string should be only “3.6.0Pre” I think. Have you tried creating new workflow and copying all the nodes in it?

You can compare your workflow.knime files for the workflow that is running ok and this one. At the begining you should have something like this:

entry key=“version” type=“xstring” value=“3.6.0Pre”


Hi Ivan, thanks for the answer!

I tried everything.
I think I spotted the problem, but I still do not know how to deal with it…

I had 3 workflows, I launch them by batch job.
Last week, I upgrated KNIME to 3.6.0. The batchs continued to work.
But, today I modified wf n°3. As a consequence, I cannot launch it by batch again. N°1 and 2 haven’t been modified, so the batch launching worked.
Then, I modified N°1 AND… I couldn’t launch it via batch anymore afterwards…

Then, I created (so with my new KNIME version) a lambda wf, very easy, and installed a batch - the same way I used to do before (which is the way indicated in the FAQ).
-> The same, launching fails…

My conclusion : When you create/modify a wf with the knime new version, the version indicator in the “workflow.knime” file change (to 3.6.0), and the batch cannot be launched again, but I do not understand why…

If anyone has an idea about this, I would be so grateful !

Thank you


Are you running both GUI and batch on same machine (same Knime) or not? Which OS are you using?

Where is this indication in FAQ? Not sure creating new workflow and running it with proper batch version should fail with same error…



I shooted the issue ! I do not know if it is really academical, but I opened the workflow.knime file (with Notepad), I copied the first few lines from a workflow.knime file (that comes from a workflow that runs with batch), so the version in the workflow.knime file for this one is < 3.6.0.
Then, I saved and opened workflow.knime in a hexadecimal editor and deleted the first few characters before the first “<”, that had been inserted when I modified workflow.knime with notepad I guess.
Then I saved, and it worked ! :slight_smile:

Thank you !!

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Still not sure what is happening there but glad you fixed it :smiley:

The workflow version was created with a nightly built. We released 3.6 on the 11.7 and the version you pointed out was from the 10.7.

You can also change the version, by opening it moving one node and saving it again.

Cheers, Iris