Knime batch mode

Hello everyone,

I tried to launch 2 KNIME workflows in batch mode at the same time, but it created an error : “workflow is locked by another knime instance”.
I know it is due to the .knimeLOCK file in the workflow, created as soon as the the workflow is launched.
But do you know if there is a mean to bypass it ? So that my computer would run the 2 workflows at the same time ?

Thank you very much


I’d usually just duplicate the workflow directory, so that each batch uses its own.

As manually copying the directory is a tedious process, I usually use a shell/bat script to duplicate a master workspace directory as often as desired and then run the batch applications with their individual workspace directories.

– Philipp

Do you mean that, if I have for example 4 workflows,
so I would need 4 “workspace” folder inside of the “KNIME_DEPLOYMENT” folder ?

In this case, the lock file would not be taken into account during the execution ?

Than you for your help Philipp


You want to run same workflow at the same time or different one?
.knimeLOCK is associated with workflow so running different workflows at the same time shouldn’t be problem. I guess :smiley:

And I tried and it works :wink:


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