KNIME being refused by Oracle


We have several people connecting to two different Oracle databases using the Oracle connector. Both users can connect to one Oracle instance, but only one can connect to the second. Both are using the same Oracle driver (e.g. 12.2.0) and their KNIME database preferences and node settings are identical. They are also using the same TNS file settings.

Are there any other aspects to KNIME configs that we can check to confirm why one is receiving listener refusal errors? One team member tested the login of the other user from their laptop and was able to connect, so it’s not the login itself. The issue appears to be isolated to one laptop and only to the one database. Both connectors are using IPs so there are no DNS resolution issues involved.

Thank you.

Hi @kevinnay,

I have a few questions to help get started on troubleshooting :slight_smile:

Is this an on-premises Oracle database or cloud?

Which version of Oracle is it?

Are you able to connect to both the Oracle databases from both laptops outside of KNIME (e.g. using Oracle SQL Developer or other client application)?

Does the Oracle TNSPING utility resolve both databases from both laptops?

What exact oracle error message (error code) are you getting on the failing laptop?

What port are you using for the Oracle services? (eg 1521 ?)

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I believe this was resolved on our end with our network support team.

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