KNIME: Building a sports-analytics application on it.

Hello people,

Apologies if my question seems rather inane and simple, I am a simple man with nowhere near the knowledge as all of you here.

Just a quick question. As the title says, we are looking to develop a server-based application that will allow us to capture, deeply analyse and report very specific sports-specific physiological data. We are looking for an analytics platform that we can build our application on, and we plan to develop quite an extensive analytics application on it, further adding features such as AI features, decision trees etc. and predictive models, trend forecasting etc. to it.

We are a small start up team (I won't be the one responsible for the development of course), so just wanted to know what advantages Knime has over other similar analytics platforms?

Thank you.


To give you my personal end-user view:

  • Free and open source committment, no functional limits
  • Easy to use
  • Easy & affordable to deploy at scale

Personally, I don't bother with other packages unless I absolutely have to. :-)