KNIME Call Workflow Service - use of components in called workflows

within a KNIME server workflow, I wanted to call another KNIME server workflow using the “Call Workflow Service” node. This principally seems to work. However the workflow that I called is running without the possibility of user interaction. I.e. in the workflow that I called there are components asking for selection and interaction with the user. It seems that the workflow is called but runs without interaction in the background. Is there a possibility to start another workflow with the inateractive option enabled in the called workflow? Thanks for your help in advance. Stefan

Hello @sscholz ,

when you calling a workflow with the Call Workflow Service node basically it sends data to and receives it back from a called workflow. A called workflow is not supposed to be interactive. Interactivity can only be established on the top-level workflow (the one which calls another workflow).
Depending on the complexity of the called workflow you can try to convert it as a shared component.

I hope it helps!

Thanks for the clarification, I will consider whether a shared component could be a suitable solution.
Kind regards, Stefan

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