KNIME cannot save workflow due to access problem


I was trying to save a new KNIME-workflow - particularly I copied that workflow into that workspace I want to work in.

Now, when I want to save the workflow (after changes), I get a message about an access problem... :

FATAL     SaveWorkflowRunnable     File not found
ERROR     WorkflowEditor     Could not save workflow: File access problems: /<myWorkspacepath>/<myWorkflow>/workflow.knime (Keine Berechtigung)

is it because I copied the workflow before? What can I do make KNIME save my workflow?

Thx for any advice!

ok, found out that the workflow project simply was write-protected.

so I changed this via right click -> properties ...

(for those who have the same problem)


I logged into public server of knime and downloaded some examples from data mining(Neural Network). It is a

tempararily downloaded workflow. I want that workflow to be permanently saved in my local workspace.

How to save it permanently to my local workspace ??


Simply drag&drop the workflow from the server into your local workspace.