KNIME Certification - Type of questions and rate of good answers expected

Hello. I might look for certification in levels L1 and L2 of Knime Analytics Platform.
Do you have example of questions ?
Are the questions highly tricky (ex a very small detail missing can make the answer wrong)
Should we know more than what is in the standard courses ?
What rate of success is required to get the certification ? (ex 80% of answers ? or 100%… ?)
Thank you for your advices.


We don’t offer example questions at the moment.

They are not “highly tricky” but they require you to read and understand a question in its entirety to be able to give the correct answer.

The “standard courses” prepare you for the according certification exam. Please find additional information at KNIME Certification Program | KNIME.

The pass mark for each examination is 70%.

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Thank you Stefan for your answer. Now I know precisely how it works !


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