KNIME closes itself

Hi Everyone, I am working on some data mining task in KNIME. I have structural queries which I am trying to perform in some data files. I take one structure at a time and search it in the data file for the similar structure, for this purpose I am using the loop and when I start the loop after some iteration the KNIME closes. I have tried restarting the KNIME and PC but the issue is continuously existing.

Plz help me solve this problem.

Thank You.

Without more information it’s hard to say exactly what the trouble might be, but this sounds like KNIME might be running out of memory. You can check our documentation for how to increase the amount of memory available to KNIME here: KNIME Analytics Platform Installation Guide

Apart from that, if you could upload an example workflow and dataset - assuming that it’s not confidential - that might help us to further diagnose the problem.


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