KNIME Cluster Execution(Open Source Version)

Hell,KNIME Team.

1.Are Will KNIME open source version of the cluster can be done running? If not, then in which you can be supported version (lower cost case)? server Lite version?

2.If I need directly after the call is complete the results of treatment directly to the output returns to the caller if you can do that? Or any place of the program?

3.Parameters If you do knime processes to run KNIME ZIP package from the command line, what? Where there is a specific application / use of documentation provided to the developers?
Current understanding of the parameters are as follows:

1) -workflowFile

2) -workflow.variable

3) -reset -nosplash -nosave -application -consoleLog -noexit

help me!!! 

thank you  very much!


1. The cluster executor is a commercial product. For more information contact

2. I'm not sure I understood the question correctly. Perhaps you could give a concrete example.

3. See here:



thank you for your answer


This issue is a question of fact, synchronous call, such as the last node A process is carried out with JsonOutput output node. That's how to get the output JsonOutput process after performing A.ZIP package? (Ie: direct return results instead of writing to a file).