Knime collaboration for University project

Hi everyone!
We are a group of students that just begun using Knime for a university course. Since we are required to analyze a dataset, we gave a look online at possible ways to collaborate online on the same file and maybe even have the opportunity to do version control. Unfortunately, we did not reach sufficient information to come to a conclusion. Teamspace seems a fair option but we do not know if it is priced or not, and we did not find much else. Maybe some extensions we do not know will do the work. Is anyone aware of a free and easy solution for beginners?

Hi @simonegiancola,

Collaboration can be implemented with KNIME Server. While this is commercial software, we offer free licenses to universities for research and education use. Because it sounds like there are more people in the class who might benefit from a KNIME Server installation, I’d suggest that you have your lecturer reach out to (that’s me…) to figure out how we can make this happen!

Best regards,