KNIME communication with Websites

Hi everyone,
is it possible to communicate with a webseite by using KNIME?

The use case is to sent keywords and arguments to a website to get the data I need and load theses data in a node afterwards?

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Hi @Precoliv,

that should be no problem.
If you want to communicate with a http/https Website you can look into the http nodes:

Then you can send the form data via a post or retrieve the response via get.

Alternativly you can use the palladian extension e. g.

Or another possible solution would be to use a browser automation like the selenium nodes

Depending on how familiar you are with http request the get/post nodes should cover the communication :slight_smile:


In addition to the nice list by @AnotherFraudUser above, I will add one more node to consider:


Thanks for this info @ScottF , I was unaware of this node

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