KNIME Community Hub search enhancements

Hi KNIME Team :wave:
I love using the Hub (as all of us here do) and am grateful for the continued advancements and functionality offered.

Hope you don’t mine me suggesting a couple of ideas regarding search functionality within the Hub that I think would be excellent:

  • Ability to sort (via date, downloads, likes etc.)
  • Or if sorting as above not possible, change the search result view to include date last edited/published plus download number per workflow
  • Ability to hide duplicate workflow titles (many workflows come of the same name due to training and challenges as you would know
  • Ability to select KNIME company or staff as author
  • Increased (or dare I say, enforce :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) use of tags as they are currently the only item available for filtering

Thanks for reading


Hey @Betsy_Westphal,

Thanks for the spot-on feedback. What you describe is very much in line with our thinking and makes a lot of sense :slight_smile: We’re on it.




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