Knime Component Source control repository/ Building / Testing

Hello Team,

I have some custom Knime components. Some of those components are also part of other Projects(non-knime code). Now, lets's say I am changing some Knime code inside eclipse-sdk, so I need to close the Knime window and rerun it again to see the latest change.

(1) How you people working in this scenerio ? Any build system you are following ? Maven way ?

(2)  Is Knime is having it's own source control & repository which will work well within Knime Eclipse environment, because we want to customize the Knime Core component for our requirement (e.g as mentioned in my first line that other projects can push or pull Knime separately).

(3) Is there any other alternatives ? What you people (Knime developers themselves & Knime Component developers themselves) are using while working on your project ?

(4) Is ther any simple testing framework available like Junit for beginners ?

Cheers :)

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