KNIME connect to RabbitMQ

Hi Knime,

I have a question about connecting to RabbitMQ from different server. I have installed Knime server (A) on a VM and and on a different VM I installed the RabbitMQ and Knime server (B) as well. But from the A server I am not able to connect to the RabbitMQ which is on the B server. I have configure the knime.ini and the knime-server.config file as following:
Error msg: com.knime.enterprise.server.application.KNIMEServerApplication.connectToMessageBroker Could not connect to message queue at …
However when I try to connect from a desktop Python app with the same connection url I am able to connect and send message to the RabbitMQ.

Thank you!

Hi @zpal,

If I understood you correctly, you want to connect two KNIME Servers to the same RabbitMQ instance, and RabbitMQ runs on the same host as on of the servers? Are there any specific reasons why you want to set it up like this?


Hi Roland,

I solved the problem. I installed the RabbitMQ service to the same server with the KNIME Server. Previously the RabbitMQ was on different server.


I think that the post from zpal is referring to the connection to RabbitMQ for the purpose of the server using distributed executors, as described here.

In my case, I need to using RabbitMQ (or any other AMQP broker) as a source for my workflow. I searched on the Hub and only found JMS or Kafka connectors. Does anyone know where I could find an AMQP connector?

Thanks a bunch

Hi @jbuusao,

we currently do not have a native AMQP connector. To connect to such a data source you need to fall back on one of our scripting integrations, e.g. Python and use a library like


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