knime_container error

One of my students uses a Mac and here is the error message she encountered. Can anyone tell me how it can be resolved? It has been working fine for her last week. Thanks!

Can you also show the workflow and more specifically the node that is failing? Also useful would be the content of the KNIME Log, which you find under View -> Open KNIME Log.
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Which version of KNIME is it that your student is working with? Is it the master/nightly build? We have seen similar cases in our test cases but haven’t gotten to the bottom of it.

She is just using some groupby and pivoting node. I will ask her for the log.

We are using 4.1.0 version. I am not sure about the master/nightly build. Does change to an older version help?

I attached the log KnimeLog.docx (60.4 KB)

Not a perfect solution but she uninstalled and reinstalled knime and it works now.

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