Knime CookBook - Advanced User - Download Zone Link


I'm going through Knime Cookbook for Advanced Users. Can anyone please let me know where I can find Download Zone Materials for practice (download link) ?

Thanks in Advance


Hi  Nishanth,

when you bought the book you got an email containing the link to the download zone.

Best regards, Iris 

Hi Iris,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I tried that link, but some issues I can't download.

Is it different or common for every one ?



It is different for everyone, sorry.

Can you write us an email to ?

Than my colleagues will check what is wrong with the link.

Thank you! Iris 

Hi - I’d like to purchase a copy of the “The Knime Cookbook Recipes for the advanced user” for (ideally updated for KNIME 4.2) - and the download zone, but it isn’t available for purchase on the KNIME website. I particularly need the section on using R with KNIME and the examples - which is NOT available in the KNIME Advanced Luck book. Can you point me to a site where I could purchase it and where the download zone is? Thanks Shoumo

Hi @Shoumo

can you send us an email to ? Than I can make sure to forward this to the right person.

Thank you!