Knime crashed using R learner


I am under W7 64 bits, Knime 2.8.2 and I try to use the R learner node from R(Interactive).

I have only 2 nodes:

- File reader

- R Learner

The R version I use is the one provides in the Knime directory

My script is simple, it just creates a PLS model (the same commands work in R):

library(pls) # load thepls library
data <- # use
data_matrix <-as.matrix(data)
model <- mvr(pKd~., 10, data=data, method="simpls")

The node reaches 99% then Knime stops working.

Any idea what is wrong?


I have attached the specific workflow.

Can someone try it on his system. That would be nice to know where the problem comes from.