KNIME Crashes and Error loading saved workflows

I have version 3.3.2 and I'm having frequent crashes but it does load again with the latest saved version of the workflows which were running before it crashed

Any reason its doing that ?

Thanks !

Hi Mohammed,

Can you provide a bit more information regarding your problem? For example, can you see a certain pattern in the crashes (e.g. when you execute a special node, dataset etc) or what do you mean by "it loads again with a previously saved version". Did you change something in your workflow which used to run and then the workflow crashes in the next run?



Sorry for the late reply. We are running some huge workloads (~30 million recs) and KNIME seems to crash. Not sure how temporary memory is handled in KNIME. After the crash recovery, it seems that workflow (if not saved before the crash) looses all the changes. Where does KNIME recover the unsaved workflows files after the crash ?
is it the installation folders etc?

Cheers !
Mohammed Ayub

I am facing the same issues. It crashes frequently and if it is not saved you loose everything. Is there anything that saves my workflows automatically? I couldn't find anything?