KNIME crashes on Linux 32 bit


I use Mandriva Linux (earlier it was Ubuntu) and about one year KNIME crashes very frequenly without any error messages. I noticed that it happened when I close configuration window, or view.

Log file haven't any error messages after crash.

I use KNIME 2.5.4 on ROSA Linux (Mandriva fork), RAM: 1 Gb, HDD: 320,  Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU       T4200  @ 2.00GHz.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Usually if KNIME closes suddenly there are files names hs_errXXX.log somewhere on your hard disk (usually the folder where you started KNIME from). Can you send us such a file?

I use search after crash, but system couldn't find file anywhere.

I'm export error log from KNIME, maybe this can help... I see that file had info about workspace crashes.

Can you try to install "KNIME XULRunner binaries for Linux" from the update site (you may need to disabled the "Group items by category" option in the dialog) and see if this helps?

I've made this earlier, but have the same problem. 

Hi all,


I've been using KNIME 2.7.1 recently on Ubuntu 12.04 and I am also getting crashes without warning - usually when opening up or closing the dialogs on certain nodes (such as the R snippet).


I have found no such hs_errXXX files, even after using the "find" command on my entire directory tree, in addition to any other files which look like they may refer to KNIME errors.  Increasing the memory quota of KNIME seems to have no effect either.


When I say "crash" - eclipse becomes unresponsive and then fades to grey for a seemingly infinite amount of time - forcing me to kill the process manually.  This is incredibly frequent, and furthermore I've not heard of this case occur anywhere else with LINUX.


Help would be most appreciated,

I can confirm the report by Ed. Disabling hardware accelerated graphics, changing knime.ini parameters seems to make no difference. The "becomes unresponsive and then fades to grey for a seemingly infinite amount of time" thing normally happens with graphics effects being turned on. Else it just crashes for me. Different desktop's Mate, gnome 3.2 etc make no difference. Havent tried kde 4.9 .

We haven't noticed this issue yet. Can you send one of the hs_errXXX.log files?

thor - Like I said I can't reproduce one after performing a directory search on my entire computer for such an error log.


I'm unsurprisingly using the UNITY desktop, being 12.04

Out of any interest has any light been shed on this issue?  The crashes still occur, again without any log file produced.

If KNIME happens to freeze again, try to execute "jstack <pid>" or if this doesn't do anything "jstack -F <pid>". Make sure you select the pid of the java process (it will complain otherwise). Then please send the output of this.


Sorry for the delay, I tend to use KNIME on-and-off.


I did what you suggested and got a stack trace from the *java* process (not the eclipse one, but I assume it's the java process that matters here).  Theres a lot of info (25 Kb) so I've attached it as a file.



I see the problem (AWT-XAWT thread holding a lock but not relasing it) but I have no idea why this happens. Can you post your exact system configuration, including graphics driver versions? This one will be quite hard to track down so we need a way to reproduce it.



I'm not sure how detailed you want it so I'm providing an output text file from the "sysinfo" program, attached.