KNIME crashes on Ubuntu with JVM terminated. Exit code=127

Hi Team,
Trying to install KNIME v4.7.0 on Ubuntu machine.
When start KNIME, each time try to open a context menu (using the mouse right click), the application is terminated indicating:
JVM terminated. Exit code=127

It might be a dependencies issue, however, I have no clue, because cannot find a log that shed light on the exception that is causing the crash.

Attaching the text from the window, that is opened after the crash.
Could you please advice.

Many Thanks

knime_crash.txt (3.5 KB)

Hello @gmoran ,

Welcome back on the Forum!
Which operating system are you running?
Did you make a fresh install of 4.7.0 when you are experiencing this problem, or did you made an upgrade of an earlier installation? Also could you tell us, did you install any extension before you experienced this behavior?

Hi @dora_gcs,
It is an existing installation of Ubuntu 16 on which KNIME V4.2.2.2 is perfectly running.
I installed V4.7.0, it refused to start,
So installed

KNIME is being launched now, But not functional because crashing on each right click menu is opened.

Many thanks in advanced

Hello @gmoran,

Is it possible to you to set your KNIME installation log to Debug under File->Preferences->KNIME, reproduce this behavior and send us the knime.log file?

Many thanks,

Hi @dora_gcs
The DEBUG log is attached.
knime_log_2023_01_18.txt (245.3 KB)

BTW, perhaps this could be a hint,
When hit the “Browse” button, e.g. for selecting workspace location on KNIME launching,
Nothing happen, i.e. no file chooser is opened




Hello @gmoran ,

please note Ubuntu 16 reached the end of its life, so no longer supported. Please upgrade your system to Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04 and make a fresh install of Analytics Platform 4.7.0. (If you choose Ubuntu 22.04 please consider not using Wayland as a Display Manager since it is not supported currently in AP, see our FAQ as a reference about this.)

How to enable / disable Wayland on Ubuntu 22.04

Hope this helps!

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Thanks @dora_gcs,
Will follow that guidelines

Best Regards.


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