Knime crashes very frequently

Hi all,

I am running Knime 2.4.2 (29.8.11) on a 64-Bit Ubuntu 10.04 (2.6.32-bpo.5-xen-amd64) with 32GB Ram.

I tried both versions, the 32bit and the 64bit-build. They both crash while in the node configuration dialogues, mostly when opening them. The 64bit-build crashes every 3-4th time I open a configuration dialogue, the 32bit version crashes maybe after 20 times opening the configuration window.

I already tried:

-Reading the Log File > nothing about the crash
-When started in a terminal, the message is "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" which doesn't sound too promising to me.
-Increasing Java Heap Memory -Xmx<memory size> and XX:MaxPermSize=<memory size> to 2 GB and 256 MB respectively
-Running it on a completely different 32bit Machine with lucid: Same diff.

I suspect that it be might be something in connection with the NoMachine framework (It is a remote server)  I use to access the machine.

Does anybody have an idea what I could do to get Knime running in a stable way?



This looks like crashes in the JVM. Usually files named hs_err_xxx.log are left behind in the working directory. Can you locate one these files and post them here? However, if the JVM crashes it's hard to find a solution and we had problems with NX occasionally, too.


thanks for the quick answer! The problem really seems to be NX as I am now running a test with tightvnc and Knime didn't crash in two hours.

Has anybody found a solution to the NX problem. Does somebody know if it also occurs with the new version 4?

Thanks again in advance and best regards.