Knime crashing since Python

Hi all,
Not sure if anyone else experiencing this problem, a workflow I’m using for which I’ve invested some time in regularly crashes ever since I’ve been using python scripting nodes. Anyone else experiencing this and have an idea how to deal with it? Also I get this error after restarting

Data preparation for loadsheet 0:284
  Some node states were invalid
  State has changed from CONFIGURED to IDLE
Business Services Loadsheet 0:287
  Some node states were invalid

Have you tried to clean start KNIME?


Thank mlauber, I tried this morning, and I didn’t get errors, just need to see throughout the day if Python nodes crash Knime again. Thanks


What do you mean when you say “crash”? Like the app quits completely? The app becomes unresponsive but is still running? …

What version of KNIME on what OS?

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Hi, so Knime freezes for 15 seconds or less and just “shuts down” but that’s only when I’m opening and closing Python nodes.

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