Knime Data Import Problem

Recently I came across that knime data import has a big issue with some data types and format,
For Example :

Still I could nt import this as usable

Hi @knime200087,

Can you be more specific about the “big issues”, that you are referring to, and assuming you are in need of some kind of assistance, please give more information such as:

What version of KNIME are you using?
How are you trying to import the data?
What problems you are having when you do so?

This is what I see when I import that data. Looks fine to me. The data would probably need some wrangling to make it useful, but that’s really down to the data provider, and luckily, what KNIME is good at. :slight_smile:


KNIME can also help with that. The duration column is a little bit tricky though …


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