KNIME Database Writer stuck at 99% for Netezza Database

I’m currently using Knime’s default database writer with netezza’s jdbc jar file (version 7.2) to write to my database. Using a Database Connection Table Writer is fine for db to db relation but writing locally gets me stuck at 99% for a long period in time (sometimes up to 20 mins). I have batch size set to 100,000 rows.

Here is the specific Log - Note that it never finished and is currently stuck at 99%.

I am on KNIME 3.6.1

Edit: Managed to isolate the log, this is the last part before it finishes executing, as you can see, it takes 20 mins to close the buffer.

2018-09-10 14:26:56,451 : DEBUG : KNIME-Worker-27 : Buffer : Database Writer : 5:1271 : Closing input stream on “C:\Users\kevin.pei\AppData\Local\Temp\knime_4_ Run Jelly Va82661\knime_container_20180910_6806244168759643563.tmp”, 0 remaining
2018-09-10 14:32:18,400 : INFO : KNIME-Worker-27 : LocalNodeExecutionJob : Database Writer : 5:1271 : Database Writer 5:1271 End execute (21 mins, 46 secs)