KNIME display at high-resolution screen

Dear KNIME team!

I have recently encountered that KNIME has a display issue at high resolution screens such as the Surface Book with its 267 pixels per inch.
Windows is typically configured at a display setting of 200% on such screens. At the native resolution, menu bars, icons, etc. would be way too small.

KNIME mostly adjusts to these global settings. However, textboxes (such as those of Math Formula, String Manipulation, Rule Engine) are not scaled up automatically. Their text looks very small and is hardly readable (see the expression part of the attached screenshot).

I already tried the File | Preferences | General | Appearance | Colors and Fonts settings (especially Basic | Text Font). But scaling these to larger font sizes doesn't solve the problem. I cannot see any effect of changing 'Text font' (whereas e.g. 'dialog font' makes the command buttons' font larger).

Is this a problem of Eclipse in general or does the KNIME team have a chance to fix this? It would be much appreciated by owners of high resolution screens and the visually impaired.

Hi Arbe,

yes this is an eclipse problem. We already tried several things which fixed quite some issues, however, you just proved there is another one.

Could you let me know which KNIME Version you are using?

And I suppose it is Windows10?

Kind regards, Iris

Hi Iris,

thanks for looking into this issue. The screenshot originates from KNIME 3.2.0 on Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit.

Best regards!