Knime does not read the inputs as before

Hello everyone,

I made a loop to read all the excel files in the same folder. Every week I add one new excel file to the folder. Those excel files input are always the same format. Therefore the data base became bigger and bigger.

Unfortunately, this week I input the weekly file (which is exactly the same as the previous ones) but it did not work. Somehow, the knime started to read wrongly some columns (integers instead of strings, numbers -D- instead of date). My knime does not work anymore as the previous files and the new one are not seen as having the same format on knime.

I do not want to add any node, I would just want the knime to work as before. The problem comes straight from the input so I would like to tackle it at that moment. What could be the reason of my situation ?

Thanks a lot for your help !

Are you absolutely sure the file format has stayed the same? Can you provide some example files of when it was working perfectly, versus now?

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Maybe it’s worth to check if the workflows is still ok.
Can you delete the new file and run the workflow?
This helps to identify whether your workflow is damaged or whether the new file is causing the isuue.

Do you have any figures about

  • the amount of files as of today
  • the amount of data (rows)

Hi there @afleury,

have you managed to resolve this or still experiencing this issue?


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