KNIME doesn't start anymore after installing extension

Dear KNIMErs,

I installed the KNIME Expressions extension and now all of a sudden, KNIME does not start anymore. It shows the splash screen for minutes (we’re talking like 30+ minutes), no extension icons are loaded in the splash screen and the application itself does not open anymore.

Any idea how to overcome this?

What I have done already: Secured my workspace and deleted also the .metadata folder in the workspace.

Thank you in advance.

Hey Kowisoft,

I had that issue several times recently, it seems to happen with newer KNIME versions – in my case, the KNIME application eventually always opened after waiting really, reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long. Once it was a matter of approx. 15 minutes, once it literally took “a lunch break”. In any case, just waiting seemed to help, and the following restarts were back to normal pace.

I don’t know what’s going on behind the curtains, not to mention any cure, but I can confirm that it happened after installing or updating extensions.

– Philipp

Hi @kowisoft,

This can happen when you have incompatible extensions installed together. Can you tell me which version of KNIME AP you are using?


So I basically uninstalled and re-installed now 4.6.3 (the problematic one was 4.6.2 and the extension I wanted to install was the KNIME Expressions - containing the Column Expressions Node).

Now I have SE Nodes (@qqilihq :wink: ), Vernalis, Palladian, KNIME Reporting (BIRT) installed and all works again.

@qqilihq Eventually I have to wait a little bit longer in the future, some say, I am to hectic :smiley:


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