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Hi all,
I have a doubt in my program. I have a data set with the time in minutes:seconds:milliseconds, in sting format but I have to change it into time format for my further analysis. It shows that there is no hours in the time given. So how to change the minutes:seconds:milliseconds to hours:minutes:seconds format.smartHome_E.xls (769.5 KB)

Hi there @Nrsteja,

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Have seen you flagged your own topic/question but not sure what you wanted to say with it. Have you found solution/answer and want to delete topic or something else?


No, actually by mistake I flagged it. I actually have a data set in the format of minutes:seconds.milliseconds, but I want to change it into hours:minutes:seconds format. How to do it?

Hi @Nrsteja,

got it. No problem.

Regarding your data when Excel Reader (XLS) node is used you get Date&Time format in KNIME like this:
Then you can use Modify Time to remove time from Date column and Modify Date to remove date from Time column. Now not sure to what should value 00:14:29 from first row be transformed to? :confused:



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